18 April 2020
18 Apr 2020

It’s a trend I’ve noticed recently, but I’m not particularly interested in going down this product-market rabbit hole myself.

People like to curate what they’re reading, watching, and listening to, and they like to find out what their friends are reading, writing, and watching. Services like Pocket, Substack,, and even Twitter are conduits for this kind of curation and discovery, but none seem to have cracked it yet. Curation of stories, news, ideas, people, and opinions.

What if curating things for your audience was radically easier?

A company like Pocket or Instapaper, who already have a substantial user base clipping and collecting reading material they like, may be in a good place to launch an experiment in this space. But those most avid readers and curators may also already have started newsletters, and may not want something lower maintenance.

Another minimal viable product may be a kind of a filter for Twitter that aggregates just the links and good reads that people you follow have shared. People are already curating and sharing – a good first step may be to simply slide into where people are already curating, and make the processes of curation and discover easier and higher-reach.


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